n. A cosmetic surgery procedure to help the feet fit into a particular shoe or shoe style. —adj.

Example Citations:
For Dr. Sadrieh (who was wearing made-to-order Gucci brogues), foot surgery is a fusion of medicine and fairy tale. At his practice, you don’t have a bunionectomy; you have a Cinderella procedure.

“I had never met a patient who asked for a hallux valgus correction with osteotomy and screw fixation,” he said. “So I decided to create a name that captures the result of the procedure, without all the Latin. The point of the Cinderella: being able to put a shoe on that didn’t fit comfortably before.”
—Laren Stover, “Make Them Fit, Please!,” The New York Times, April 22, 2014

Women of the world, you probably know this moment, too: You ask the polite shoe salesman to bring you that snakeskin lace-up stiletto or navy ballet flat in a 9 or 7 or whatever, and he brings a shoe that’s two sizes too small, purring a coy, “It’s the only size left, do you want to just trrrrrry it?” It’s a valiant effort, but inevitably you gawk, like, “What, am I supposed to just cut off my toes to fit into that?”
—Natalie Matthews, “This ‘Cinderella’ Foot Plastic Surgery Is Terrifying,” Cosmopolitan, April 25, 2014

Earliest Citation:
Dr. Sadrieh’s menu of commonly-requested treatments include: “Toe Tucks” (shortening of lengthier second toe), “Foot Sculpture” (eliminating excessive fat), “Cinderella Procedure” (narrowing of feet), “Footox” (Botox injection to eliminate excessive sweating); and, “Cushion Comfeet” (collagen injection or silicone implant into the bottom of feet for comfort).
—“Designer Feet for Designer Shoes,” PR Newswire US, February 15, 2007

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