n. Internet access that is instantly and always available from a number of different devices.

Example Citation:
"This Israeli motorist with a cell phone in each ear, driving with his elbows, gets my vote as the poster boy for the social disease of the next millennium — overconnectedness. This is the real Y2K virus for developed countries. It is the anxiety that is going to be produced when telecommunications combines with the "Evernet" — the technology that will soon allow people to get on line from their watches, their cars, their toasters or their Walkmans — so that everyone will be able to be connected all the time, everywhere."
—Thomas L. Friedman, "The Y2K Social Disease," The New York Times, August 10, 1999

With all the different ways that people can connect to the Internet these days, Thomas Friedman's "overconnectedness" neologism seems like a useful addition to the lexicon. Unfortunately, the only citations I can find for it are reprints of Mr. Friedman's original article or commentaries on his original article. So it's not "post-worthy" yet, but I'll keep an eye on it.

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