(an.DRAWL.uh.jist) n. A doctor who specializes in men's health, especially the health of the male reproductive system.

Example Citation:
Women undergo rapid hormonal changes as they reach middle age. The process is more gradual with men and it starts around age thirty. In time, the authors assert, "andrologists" — specialists in male ageing problems — will be needed to handle the growing ranks of the male aged.
—Louis Lemire, "Men's Health and the Hormone Revolution," Everyman: A Men's Journal, September 30, 2001

Earliest Citation:
And a local physician who's been in the business of storing human sperm at ultra-cold temperatures for four years says business is booming. "We're busier than ever, and I think that's partly due to increased social acceptance and increased social awareness," said Dr. Cappy Rothman, a Century City andrologist — a doctor who specializes in treating infertile men.
—Yardena Arar, "Out of the Laboratory," The Associated Press, March 5, 1981

Alhough the above citation seems to suggest that andrologists — the male counterpart to the much more familiar female health specialist, the gynecologist — haven't been invented yet, nothing could be further from the truth. As the earliest citation shows, andrologists have been tending to men's health woes for over 20 years.

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