bed blocker
(BED blaw.kur) n. A chronically-ill patient who uses a hospital bed for an extended period because they require long-term care.

Example Citation:
Because no new long-term care beds have been created in Ontario in the last 10 years, a bottle-neck has been created by so-called bed blockers—mostly seniors who need institutional care—tying up costly acute-care beds.
—Theresa Boyle, "Long-Term Care Wins Influx of Cash," The Toronto Star

Earliest Citation:
Dr. Richard Moulton of Fort Frances said: "It will take push and energy to get government to move on this but it could loosen the jam of bed blockers" (elderly people in hospital for whom no nursing home bed is available and whose families can't look after them at home, often because no one can afford to stay home to provide care).
—Marilyn Dunlop, "OMA wants public to know doctors care about social issues," The Toronto Star, June 11, 1986

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