adj. Describes a site that has a physical presence in the real world (as opposed to a virtual presence in the online world).

Example Citation:
"No single company has been able to succeed thus far as an on-line threat to brick-and-mortar shopping malls anchored by giants such as Wal-Mart, Target or Sears. If Amazon does—and analysts say the chances are good—it could be a booster rocket for electronic commerce in the consumer market."
—Steve Rosenbush, "Amazon will be a Net mall," USA Today, September 30, 1999

I'm a little late on this one since this phrase has been around for many years. In fact, the Oxford English Dictionary traces this phrase back to 1863(!):

"The plant must be sold, the brick and mortar walls demoloshed."
—P. Barry, Dockyard Economics, 1863

We've seen a resurgence in its use of late, however, presumably because it provides a nice (and these days necessary) contrast with online or virtual. —Paul

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