( n. An insulting, offensive, or vulgar term used to replace a neutral term.
cacophemistic adj.

Example Citations:
I think our age suffers far more from its mealy mouthed euphemisms than it does its crude cacophemisms. The s-word or f-word strikes me as far less obscene than the minimizing, misleading intent of coinages such as collateral damage or weapons-of-mass-destruction-related-program-activities.
—Laura Penny, “Bush has to stop stepping in it,” The Globe and Mail, July 22, 2006

Hey, can you use “cacophemism” in a sentence? I can, now that I know it’s the opposite of euphemism. Let’s see: Scorning the euphemism “high,” Tom used the cacophemism “staggering drunk” to describe his pal‘s intoxication.
—Nancy Pate, “‘Treasury’ gives words on words,” Orlando Sentinel,
May 17, 1992

Earliest Citation:
Cacophemism. Using a harsh or cruel expression where a milder one would be proper; the opposite of euphemism.
—Paul Dickson, Dickson’s Word Treasury, John Wiley & Sons, March 1, 1992

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