(kar SKOO.ling) n. Educating or instructing a child while driving in a car. Also: car schooling or carschooling.

Example Citation:
Louis C. DeLuca, a semiretired salesman and a state senator in Connecticut, has had it with people reading the newspaper on the steering wheel, car-schooling their kids from the front seat and drive-time dining. He is the sponsor of a bill, passed Monday by the legislature's Transportation Committee, attacking "driving while distracted."
—Matthew Purdy, "Don't Touch That Dial, Drivers," The New York Times, April 4, 2001

Earliest Citation:
Grant and others who educate their children at home offer the following tips on turning the summer break into an educational opportunity: ... In the car: As Grant has found, an extended education often involves travel. "We basically do car-schooling," she said.
—Jill Smith, "Keep kids learning on summer break," The Oregonian, June 15, 2000

I should point out that Car Schooling is a registered trademark of writer Diane Flynn Keith, who probably coined the phrase.

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