car cloning
pp. Copying a car's license plate and vehicle identification number and applying them to a stolen car.
car clone v., n.
car cloner n.

Example Citation:
Car cloning is a growing problem but too little is being done to protect the person whose vehicle is cloned.

There was one man in Leeds who was sent a congestion charge bill even though he hadn't been to London.
—Steve Boggan, "My day as a car clone cheat," The Evening Standard (London), August 19, 2003

Earliest Citation:
There are two main ways of unloading a stolen car on to the market. Until recently the most common form was known as ringing, whereby a stolen car has the identity of a wreck from the dump grafted on to it. But now the criminal market has invented a new method of "disappearing" a stolen vehicle — cloning. Car cloning involves taking the identity of a legitimate vehicle and putting it on the stolen car.
—Nadia Raafat, "Wheels: Autoparts," The Guardian, September 26, 1996

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