(suh.LEZ.bee.un) n. A celebrity who is a lesbian.

Example Citation:
To judge by the recent statements issued by our favourite A-listers, Hollywood is a hotbed of lesbian lust. Liz Hurley revealed in an interview this month that, if she were a man, she would want to sleep with Victoria Beckham. Geri Halliwell recently confessed to a lesbian fling, then announced: "If I was a guy, I'd wanna do Britney." Drew Barrymore has said that she thinks fellow Charlie's Angel Lucy Liu has a bottom like "a delicious peach". And then there's Stella McCartney, who periodically appears hand in hand with her friend Gwyneth Paltrow, causing eyes and flashbulbs to pop simultaneously.
—"The celesbians," Sunday Times of London, April 13, 2003

Earliest Citation:
Cher flipped at first when Chastity revealed her sapphic side. Here's how other stars' parents reacted.

Ellen DeGeneres: "When you're gay, your parents aren't saying 'Good for you,' you know? They're like, How did this happen?' You're not only a minority in society, you're a minority in your own family." ...

k.d. lang: To shield her supportive mom from gossip in her tiny hometown, the singer didn't trumpet her sexuality. "Man," she said when she finally came out in 1992, "if I didn't worry about my mother, I'd be the biggest parader in the world."
—"Celesbians on Coming Out," Cosmopolitan, October 1998

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