chief knowledge officer
n. A corporate executive in charge of structuring a company‘s store of technical and business knowledge, and ensuring that employees have access to that knowledge.

Example Citations:
The hot new job title being batted around in information technology circles these days is chief knowledge officer.
—Bob Weinstein, “Chief knowledge officers in big demand,“ Chicago Sun-Times, March 29, 1988

Many of the biggest U.S. companies, and some Canadian ones, have installed a chief knowledge officer “to ensure they make the most of their intellectual capital,“ another popular catch-phrase of the 1990s.
—Ann Kerr, “2 cheers for the latest trend,“ The Globe and Mail (Canada), June 2, 1998

Earliest Citation:
David Pollard, chief knowledge officer for chartered accountants Ernst & Young, says the functions that are becoming most important are connectivity and portability.
—Johanna Powell, “Connectivity key word in today‘s office,“ The Financial Post (Toronto, Canada), December 3, 1994

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