n. A pharmaceutical product that provides cosmetic benefits.

Example Citation:
Oddly enough, science and beauty have become allies in a field some professionals refer to as "cosmeceuticals." The term was coined by Albert Kligman, the University of Pennsylvania researcher credited with discovering the effectiveness of Retin-A, a vitamin A, in smoothing aging skins.
—Jackie White, "On the face of it," Kansas City Star, January 25, 1998

Earliest Citation:
Under controlled laboratory conditions, Factor X produces changes in the skin fibroblasts, the building blocks of the skin, that can be seen visually and can be measured biochemically. Thus Factor X could be among the first of a new kind of cosmetic, a 'cosmeceutical,' that actually changes the cell biology with beneficial effects on aging of cells. The product would work on the skin from the inside-out, rather than outside-in, like most present cosmetics.
—"Senetek anti-aging compound passes acute toxicology tests," Business Wire, October 14, 1987


This is Newport Beach, home of sun lovers and boat lovers, the rich and newly rich and headquarters of Geneve Cosmeceuticals, a Swiss-developed skin care line packaged in frosted glass with gray trim.
—Laura Tuchman, "Geneve cosmetics line believes beauty is more than skin-deep," The Orange County Register, May 15, 1987

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