n. Music performed by aging rock stars; music that is strongly influenced by groups from the 60‘s and 70‘s. Also: dad-rock.

Example Citations:
Paul ‘Don‘t call it Dadrock‘ Weller is still fantastic, of course, as are Tricky and Goldie.
—“Style: They‘ve Got It,“ The Guardian (London), August 6, 1997

They‘ve been derided as “Dadrock“ in the British music press and pilloried by pop rivals for being just plain dull. But Ocean Colour Scene, a bluesy quartet from Birmingham, don‘t really need to care anymore.
—Drew Gibson, “Ocean Colour Scene could teach dad a thing or two,“ The Daily Yomiuri, December 12, 1996

Earliest Citation:
But isn‘t the Later roster a bit too worthy? A bit too thoughtful dad-rock?
—David Belcher, “Genial Jools,“ The Herald (Glasgow), November 4, 1994

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