disease cluster
(duh.ZEEZ clus.tur) n. A geographical region where an above average percentage of the population has, or has had, a particular disease.

Example Citation:
An unexplained pattern of illnesses has been found in hundreds of people living near the nation's nuclear facilities, The Tennessean in Nashville reports today.

Peter Brush, DOE's top health official, . . . said DOE officials will review the national health complaints raised by The Tennessean. If disease clusters are found, the DOE could urge the CDC to begin a study.
—Kathryn Winiarski, "News report traces pattern of illnesses near nuclear plants," USA Today, September 29, 1998

Earliest Citation:
Medical sleuths troubled by an outbreak of meningitis that has killed four people and afflicted 30 others in Houston are seeking a common source for a puzzling cluster of the disease in the nation's fifth-largest city.
—Sharon Herbaugh, "Doctors Seek Common Link To Puzzling disease cluster," The Associated Press, February 7, 1981

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