(EK.oh.skam) n. An ecological argument or policy supported by lies or inaccurate facts. Also: ecoscam.

Example Citation:
Is Earth in the balance or is it just an eco-scam? We had better be paying attention and making up our minds.
—Gregg Brown, "Constant vigilance needed on environmental issues," The Pantagraph, February 2, 2001

Earliest Citation:
We've already had our first 'eco-scam,' with the introduction of so-called biodegradable plastics," he said. "They are now doomed to fail, and they had so much promise. The fact that the truth was found out so quickly is a credit to consumerism.
—Kenn Marshall, "Producers accused of making false claims," The Harrisburg Patriot, April 9, 1990

This term was popularized by Ronald Bailey, who in 1993 published a book titled Eco-Scam: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse.

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