adj. Relating to a dish or cuisine created only to show off the chef’s culinary skills or creativity.

Example Citations:
One of the more unusual things about La V is that its top team is all women, which may explain why the menu is not an exercise in “egotarian cuisine” (a term coined by GQ critic Alan Richman in a harangue against the show-off cooking that’s become so pervasive in male-run kitchens).
—Patricia Sharpe, “You Never Can Tell,” Texas Monthly, May 1, 2014

So after 42 Grams, maybe that’s cutting edge for Lakeview. It is a tasting menu, and it has some very fine courses with a lot of creative (but not egotarian!) touches, but I wouldn’t put it out as far as Schwa in terms of wild-ass crazy creativity — no chocolate and parsnip desserts.
—Michael Gebert, “Parking Your Egotarian: 42 Grams, Senza, Analogue,” Sky Full of Bacon, March 28, 2014

Earliest Citation:
This style of dining is currently nameless. What makes the food different is that every chef is seeking to express himself in an incomparable and triumphant manner. I call it Egotarian Cuisine.
—Alan Richman, “The Rise of Egotarian Cuisine,” GQ, March 18, 2014

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