n. A person who seeks to change some aspect of society and who has the high level of technical expertise required to make that change.

Example Citation:
"Bob Richards ... considers himself 'an evangineer and the leading WOWspeaker for organizational and workforce evolution in America.'"
—"Question/Answer with Bob Richards," aboutWOW.com, August 1, 2001

Earliest Citation:
If I had to describe in one word the perfect person to start a revolution, it would be "evangineer."
—Guy Kawasaki, "Rules for Revolutionaries," Harper Business, February 1, 1999

Today's word is a not-quite-euphonious blend of evangelist, "someone who tries to persuade other people to share enthusiasm for particular beliefs and ideals," and engineer. It was first popularized by Apple evangelist extraordinaire Guy Kawasaki in his 1999 book, Rules for Revolutionaries.

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