n. A message delivered through a face-to-face conversation.

Example Citation:
Moreover, dot-coms — unlike bankers — do not spend their day engaged in face-to-face human contact — known in their culture as 'f2f' or 'facemail.'
—Alfred W. Putnam, Jr., "Following Fairway Fashion," Legal Times, April 17, 2000

Earliest Citation:
Boeing and Microsoft each have their own corporate cultures and, as Eastside Journal columnist Patti Payne discovered, their own language. To help the uninitiated, Payne devoted two columns this week in the Bellevue newspaper to Microslang and Boeing-speak.

... A project that's going to take a huge amount of effort, time and resources.

Burn Some Cycles — What you must do if you hope to conquer a Black Hole. ...

facemail — Going into someone's office and actually talking to them, as opposed to e-mail.
—Patti Payne, "Stand By To Be Amazed," The Associated Press, April 30, 1997

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