n. An afro styled as a mohawk. Also: 'frohawk, fro-hawk, 'fro-hawk.

Example Citations:
Back at work, Mr. Tulloch combs and shapes 13-year-old Gregory Caesar's hair, ploughing an ever-shorter furrow with his clippers. His hair is taking the shape of a shark's fin. If there's anything that unites the cultures, Mr. Tulloch said, it's this hairstyle. Call it the mohawk, the faux-hawk or, as Mr. Caesar does, the "'fro-hawk," everyone wants it.
—Joe Friesen, "Hip-hop barbers break the race barrier," The Globe and mail, June 11, 2010

Sporting a sharp 'frohawk that day, though, he was not exactly easy to picture in a choir robe.
—Dave Walker, "Local singers do their 'Sunday Best'," Times-Picayune, April 30, 2010

Earliest Citation:
frohawk A poofy mohawk that black people can make with their afro. Isaiah Nevins is the creator of the Frohawk.
—The Gwito-Optomy, "frohawk," Urban Dictionary, November 6, 2003


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