(GAS.troh.nawt) n. An adventurous eater.

Example Citation:
I had some moments of cold sweat on Boxing Day, as several very serious gastronauts sat in salivatory anticipation while my fonduta resolutely failed to thicken next door.
—Rowley Leigh, "Food & Drink Head for the Hills," The Guardian (London), February 17, 1996

Earliest Citation:
Astronaut Patrick Baudry, the first Frenchman to ride aboard a U.S. spacecraft, was disappointed in NASA's menu for space, so his space meals included crab mousse, rabbit stew and lobster in a cream sauce—prepared in France, canned and shipped to Johnson Space Center. Baudry also tried unsuccessfully to bring wine on the mission.
—Michael Hirsley, "Let's ring out the old year on a dubious note," Chicago Tribune, December 29, 1985

This word combines the prefix gastro-, stomach, with the suffix -naut, sailor.

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