good wood
n. Wood that does not come from an endangered forest region or from an endangered tree species; wood grown on a plantation. Also: ethical wood, plantation wood, managed wood.

Example Citation:
"'Good wood' is the new buzz term in furniture. And it isn't just for eco-activists any more; Home décor retailers such as Ikea and Restoration Hardware are jumping on the good-wood bandwagon, along with hardware giants such as Home Depot."
—Karen Burshtein, "Good wood," The Globe and Mail, August 12, 2000

Earliest Citation:
When buying furniture check through Friends of the Earth's "Good Wood" guide to find alternatives to the hard woods which are disappearing along with the world's rain forests.
—"Purse power can pack a healthy punch in the high street," PR Newswire European, August 10, 1988

Good wood is also called ethical wood (2000), plantation wood (1985), or managed wood (1993).

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