n. Eyeliner designer for and used by men.

Example Citations:
Now even men can define the contours of their eyes, as an eye-liner for blokes, called Guyliner, has been launched by a chain store.
—"Johnny Depp inspires eye-liners for men!," The Hindustan Times, July 17, 2006

Jeff Wemyss, of Superdrug, has three tips for men wanting to take the "guyliner" plunge.

1. Choose your colour wisely ( black, brown or smoky grey are the most appropriate. Steer clear of bright shades. Men should want to look cool ( not clown like.

2. Guyliner needs to be smudged. The perfect look is not a perfect line. The best way to achieve the punky look is to apply liner close to the eyeliner, then smudge and soften the line with a cotton bud.

3. Guyliner looks best with a tan ( smoky eyes and white skin can look a little Gothic ( so invest in a bronzer for the complete look.
—Jane Hall, "Guyliner fans in at the Depp end," The Journal, July 20, 2006

Earliest Citation:
But the men's beauty market remains elusive for L'Oreal and others. Companies have produced myriad concoctions, such as Active Skincare Daily Energizing Face Wash for Men, from Adidas; Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male bronzing powder, from a product range that also includes eyeliner (guyliner?); and Multi-Purpose Facial Formula for Men from Kiehl's, a L'Oreal brand.
—Jennie James, "Guys Just Aren't Buying It," Time, January 26. 2004

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