impulse saving
pp. Spontaneously depositing money into a bank or investment account.
impulse saver n.

Example Citations:
There's a really interesting and fun start-up called PiggyMojo. The idea is that you and a buddy team up to save. And so you and your spouse, you and your best friend, you and your sister, sign up together. You set up a savings goal. And then essentially, the idea is to try and turn impulse spending into impulse saving.
—Rachel Schneider, “Kitchen Table Economics: Rachel Schneider,” The Washington Post, April 26, 2013

Almost everyone makes impulse buys. But what about impulse saving? Spontaneously tucking money into a savings account instead of buying a candy bar or another item of clothing you don't need?
—Taryn Plumb, “Startup focus: ImpulseSave's 'new paradigm of personal finance',” Boston Business Journal, August 8, 2013

Earliest Citation:
Have you ever gone to the mall and impulsively bought something you hadn't intended?...It's called impulsive buying and here's a close cousin of it that is very powerful but less often used: impulse saving.
—Jim Wang, “Harness the Power of Impulse Saving,” Bargaineering, March 24, 2008

This phrase is the fiscally prudent opposite of impulse buying, spontaneously purchasing a product (traditionally at the point of sale, but these days more often at the click of mouse), which has been in the language since about 1959.

Here's a much earlier usage that's probably the true earliest citation, but it's encrusted with so much astrology-babble that it's hard to know what the writer is actually trying to say:

Mars in the solar money sector can affect our Leo in one of two ways. The less evolved Lion King/Queen gets made over into a monster of must-have madness, up all night e-shopping to supplement dysfunctional daytime Thing Lust. But the Neo Leo stems Qi leakage via true taste, substance and quality. This astro-passage is powerful fiscal medicine. Use it or lose it. There are just ten more impulse saving/shopping/investing days to go!
—Mystic Medusa, “Mystic Medusa,” Weekend Australian, October 5, 2002

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