killer app
  1. A software application that is particularly useful.

  2. A technology so compelling that it drives the sales of, or leads to widespread adoption of, related technologies.

Example Citation:
  1. "Said Julian Horwich, executive director of the Chicago Association of Microcomputer Professionals: 'Everybody has only one killer application. The secretary has a word processor. The manager has a spreadsheet."
    —Ken Siegmann, "Developers remain optimistic despite sluggish growth of integrated programs," PC Week

  2. "The original killer app was considered to be Lotus 1-2-3, because it made the IBM-compatible personal computer a must-have item in business.

    Most recently, the World Wide Web has been called the killer app for the Internet, making it essential. And the Internet itself has been called a killer app, validating the concept of computer networks."
    —" 'Killer app' apt to be nothing really special," The Houston Chronicle

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