(MY.kroh.sin.uh.muh) n. 1. A movie genre that features low-budget films shot mostly on digital video, edited on a computer, and then distributed via videotape or over the Internet. 2. A small exhibition space used to display alternative and underground films.

Example Citation:
  1. "Because microcinema opens a direct connection between filmmakers and audience, for the first time in the 100-plus-year history of motion pictures average people can shoot, edit, and perhaps even disseminate their visions without answering to anybody."
    —Rob Kenner, "My Hollywood!," Wired, October, 1999

  2. "Two former Chicago art students, Andrea Grover and Patrick Walsh, discovered an empty Church of Christ building, built in 1924, in the Heights and set to work converting the Lord's house into their house and, thank God, a nice, intimate microcinema."
    —"1998 Best of Houston," Houston Press, September 24, 1998

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