(mil.yuh.NERD) n. A wealthy person who made their money in computer software or some other high-tech industry. [millionaire + nerd]

Example Citations:
You'd think a processing superpower like this would be off-limits to everyone but grad students, millionerds, and astrophysicists, but the surprising truth is that you can tap the cognitive resources of this machine via an ordinary Web connection, as thousands of casual suffers do every day.
—Steven Johnson, "The soul encoded," Harper's Magazine, September 1998

Duncan seems to grasp concretely what dozens of other aspiring millionerds only understand in the abstract: that fluidity is pointless without products that can stand on their own.
—Matthew DeBord, “From girl games to glamour,”, September 24, 1998

Earliest Citation:
Oh, well. When a millionerd like Steve Forbes can bring excitement to the Republican presidential nomination contest, anything is believable.
—Robert Haught, "Clinton and Dole Might Not Be All That Popular in Libya Either," Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK), February 1, 1996

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