molecular farming
(muh.LEK.yuh.lur FAR.ming) n. Genetically modifying plants to produce therapeutic or nutritional substances.

Example Citation:
The concept of molecular farming — of genetically engineering plants so they make useful substances — is a growing business. Plants can be used to help produce vaccines, antibodies, proteins, enzymes and polymers.
—Steve Kuchera, "Researchers could make poplars into cash crop," Duluth News Tribune, February 16, 2002

Earliest Citation:
Farmers who are facing record foreclosures could run profitable operations through future ''molecular farming'' where genetic traits could be given to plants to allow them to make oils used in the bath products industry, said Valentine.
—John M. Leighty, "Plant genetic research nearing breakthroughs," U.P.I., March 28, 1986

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