n. A brief vacation, particularly one that includes just one night away from home. Also: nano-break.

Example Citations:
Anticipating this newly emerging travel trend, has planned special discounts on hotels in the Asia-Pacific, Americas and Europe from the year's end until the middle of February, a period that includes the New Year's Day and Lunar New Year holidays, to allow Korean travelers to enjoy nanobreaks more easily.
—Lee Hyo-sik, "'Nanobreaks' new tourism trend in S. Korea," Korea Times, December 23, 2010

There has been a 29% increase in the number of UK holidaymakers searching for single-night holidays — or "nano-breaks" — over the past year, according to
—"Short Breaks Up 29% As Brits Keep On Travelling,", February 17, 2009

Earliest Citation:
But despite the mounds of luggage in the boot of the prime ministerial Land Cruiser plus one very smart guitar case this is not really a holiday at all. It is more of a nanobreak to show support for the British tourist industry.
—Robert Hardman, "Tony's country jaunt," Daily Mail, August 2, 2002


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