v. To manufacture something at the molecular level using nanotechnology. [Nano- + manufacture.] —n.
nanofacturing pp.

Example Citations:
Hope's chosen medium is "nanofacture," a neologism that describes fabrication at a molecular level. He builds his paintings using a cobbled-together toolkit of hard and softwares, starting with a molecular modeling software called PyMol and ending with a RepRap 3D printer.
—Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan , "Artist 'Nanofactures' Paintings Using a 3D Printer and Molecular Modelling Software," Gizmodo, April 24, 2013

The result: "DNA machines have been built, as a route to nanorobotics," Seeman told UPI's Nano World. "Nanofacturing of new and revolutionary materials is going to result from some of these devices."
—Charles Q. Choi, "Nano World: DNA Meets Nanotechnology," Space Daily (via UPI), January 18, 2005

Earliest Citation:
Every atom will be in the right place, as specified by the computer program driving its assembly, tugged and herded into place by machines smaller than a virus and many times smarter. True, you can also expect to manufacture — to nanofacture — tiny dedicated computers the size of bacteria...

If you had a nanofacturing system and a supply of raw materials, there's no obvious reason why you couldn't mint anything not forbidden by the laws of physics.
—Damien Broderick, "Molecular licence [sic] to print money," Canberra Times, August 29, 1998


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