pp. Driving a vehicle, particularly an SUV, on the road rather than on a trail or other natural location.

Example Citation:
Goldilocks would probably like the new Pajero io, because it falls neatly between the big, pricey full-size model and the tiny wee Pajero Junior, which should please other lovers of so-called soft-roaders.

They prefer their 4x4s to have sensible dimensions for on-roading, as well as some ability in the dirt.
—"Mid-sized Pajero not too big, not too small," The Press (Christchurch), March 24, 1999

Earliest Citation:
So which is best? Explorer, Grand Cherokee or Cherokee?

It's hard to argue with more than a quarter-million Explorer buyers each year. Explorer quickly captured the imagination of both the off-road and on-roading public; count how many are parked at your local grocery store (and note that about 40 percent of them are a shade of green).
—Tom Opre, "Jumbo Jeep," Outdoor Life, August 1993

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