(PENT.ur.bun) adj. Relating to the residential area or community beyond a city's suburbs.
penturbanite n.
penturb n.
penturbia n.
penturbian adj.

Example Citation:
Good schools, low crime rates, clean air, ample recreational facilities and short, traffic-free commutes are assets usually cited by penturban business recruiters.
—Gordon Robison, "Small Favors: In Penturbia, the Bottom Line Isn't Found on the Balance Sheet," Plants Sites & Parks, May 1995

Earliest Citation:
To prevent runaway growth and conserve local resources, penturbanites demand judicious county planning. penturban land is still available at bargain prices, so middle-income families can often afford to live on two- to five-acre sites. To the caring conserver, the old buildings in penturban towns are neither unattractive nor useless, but rich in nostalgia and generally less expensive than new construction.
—Jack Lessinger, "The emerging region of opportunity," American Demographics, June 1, 1987

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