n. A temporary worker who is essentially full-time because of repeated contract extensions, but who lacks the benefits of a full-time employee. [permanent + freelancer]

Example Citations:
Temp employees — who sometimes refer to themselves as “permatemps” or “permalancers” because of their long-term contracts with high-tech firms — are not organized or represented by labor unions.
—Keith Ervin, “Software temps gain time to fight OT changes,” The Seattle Times, December 10, 1997

First of all, terminology is important. I get really annoyed with the term “freelancer.” One definition is “a person who sells services to employers without a long-term commitment to any of them.” I hate that. Who says you’re not committed? Like I’m a Kelly Girl in to do a little extra typing? Another definition is “medieval mercenary.” Ew.

Permalancer“? It’s not even a word
—Neilan Tyree, “Man about town,” ADWEEK Western Edition, March 4, 2002

Earliest Citation:
A permanent freelancer. A person hired on a per-project basis who lives a benefits-free existence.
—Gareth Branwyn, “Jargon Watch,” Wired, June 1, 1995