n. A musical genre that combines elements of both pop and classical music.

Example Citations:
Meet violinist, conductor and heartthrob, the Dutch-born Andre Rieu. His waltz, march and polka mix has sold 5 million records and has bridged the gap between pop and classical audiences - hence the term “popsical.“
—John Petkovic, “Timeout,“ Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio), April 22, 1998

The music ought to be called popsical: classical melodies with pop trappings, sometimes in pop arrangements. Popsical‘s drippy sweetness has been a financial boon for classical labels that expect hardly anyone to enjoy a whole opera.
—Jon Pareles, “A Dulcet Tenor‘s ‘Popsical‘ Debut,“ The New York Times, June 5, 2002

Earliest Citation:
The music she plays isn‘t really pop, and it isn‘t quite classical. It‘s popsical.
—Yahlin Chang, “Cross Over, Beethoven“ (photo caption), Newsweek, April 20, 1998

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