n. A cute, attractive person; a cutie-pie. Also: QT3.14, qt 3.14. [qt = cutie + 3.14 = pi]

Example Citations:
To the cute redhead on the Craigieburn line the other night, we were having a giggle over idiots on the train. You were a qt3.14. Wish I’d said something.
—“Cutie pi,” MX, July 15, 2013

LF High Skill female lane partner 4 TI 3.

Bring your own ticket, but we can share accommodations. ;)

QT3.14’s only pls. (Pref azn)
—ChinaStronk, “LF QT3.14 Date 4 TI3,” join DOTA, May 10, 2013

Earliest Citation:
My boyfriend is such a QT3.14, I could eat him up.
—Greengirl, “QT3.14,” Urban Dictionary, April 7, 2004

Happy Pi Day, which occurs every March 14 (that is, on 3/14, for places that use the month/day date format).

The earliest use of the “creative respelling” qt3.14 that I can find is a username on the Digital Photography Review forum. QT3.14 lives (or lived) in the Phillippines, joined the forum on October 31, 2001, and posted their first question a couple of weeks later, on November 12.

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