n. School kid with income and purchasing power.

Example Citation:
Tracking trends and seeking opportunities, I scanned the pages for demographic data — age groups within age groups. Am I a DINK (Dual Income, No Kids)? No, more like a SINK. Perhaps a PUPPIE (Poor Urban Professional)? Definitely not a SKIPPIE (School Kid with Income and Purchasing Power).
—Brian Cracknell, “Going marketing,” New Straits Times, June 30, 1999

Earliest Citation:
The same kind of marketing minds that brought you ''Preppies,'' ''Yuppies'' and ''Dinks'' (Dual Income, No Kids) now bring you the present-future focus of school supplies marketing — ''skippies'' (School Kids with Income and Purchasing Power).
—"Mead Products targets 'skippieS'," Business Wire, August 7, 1987

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