n. A facility that features multiple soccer fields.

Example Citations:
The latest trend is the “soccerplex.” Communities are building complexes that include 20 playing fields, seat thousands, have lighting for night games and are surrounded by massive parking lots.
—Haya El Nasser, “Commotion kicking up over space for soccer,” USA Today, June 16, 1999

The proposed “soccerplex” would include as many as 24 fields, a soccer stadium and an indoor facility, and it has strong support from the legions of soccer enthusiasts from all over Montgomery County who complain about the shortage of playing fields and their woeful condition.
—Manuel Perez-Rivas, “Soccer Puts Residents On Defense; Sports Complex Plan Worries Neighbors,” Washington Post, March 4, 1998

Earliest Citation:
The North Bergen company is looking at sites around northern New Jersey to house its soccerplex and plan to playing in the arena no later than the middle of next year, said general manager Dominick Flora.
—Doug Abrahms, “Untitled,” States News Service, August 30, 1988

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