social entrepreneur
(SOH.shul awn.truh.pruh.NOOR) n. A person who uses business methods to create and run a company dedicated to philanthropy or social causes.

Example Citation:
Kelly is one of 25 social entrepreneurs — do-gooders with business savvy as well as compassion — featured in 'The Business of Heart: How Everyday Americans are Changing the World' (Shadow Mountain, $ 19.95).
—Cate Terwilliger, "Giving Back: Everyday folks revive the spirit of doing good," The Denver Post, April 23, 2000

Earliest Citation:
In the final chapter, Chamberlain reveals that he is waiting for the emergence of a new breed of business executive — social entrepreneurs who would be encouraged to commit themselves and their corporations to constructive attacks on social problems by changing the rules under which the corporations operate.
—William R. Dill, "Fancy footwork but little yardage; Remaking American Values by Neil W. Chamberlain, Basic Books 194 pages $9.50," Business Week, January 31, 1977

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