adj. Of or relating to a sales strategy in which a top executive from one company sells directly to a top executive from another company.

Example Citation:
"The ideal candidate for this role will have a minimum 15 years of solid sales experience, 2 years of which must be at a Senior Management Level, coupled with a University Degree. Experience in packaged goods, media, and/or service environment is preferred. 'Top to Top' selling experience is essential for success in this role, as well as a demonstrated ability to develop high performing teams and establish benchmark practices that both ignite and motivate staff."
—Job advertisement, The Globe and Mail, March 9, 2001

Earliest Citation:
"Depending on the requirments of these critical company customers for service and contract fulfillment coverage, a customer may be a global or national account (covered by a full-time multi-level, multigeography team with a selling orientation); a house account (covered by a part-time, centralized service team supporting a top-to-top selling process); or a customer account team (covered by a multi-level, multi-geography team with a service orientation)."
—Thomas E. Tice, "Managing compensation caps in key accounts," Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, September 1, 1997

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