n. A person who repeatedly proofreads writing because they are paranoid about publishing work that contains typos or other errors.

Example Citations:
And despite the comedic intent, I could see myself actually using some of these words — as a copy editor, I’m definitely a “typochondriac,” or a paranoid proofreader.
—Sahil Chinoy, “Indie words,” The Daily Californian, November 4, 2013

:-) neologism: typochondriac
—Lawrence Schimel, “Neologism...,” Twitter, August 29, 2014

Earliest Citation:
One paranoid about spelling mistakes: a typochondriac.
—Andrew Berthoff, “Your morning smile,” The Globe and Mail, October 25, 1999

This word appeared regularly in print from the mid-1920s to the mid-1930s, where it referred to a member of a informal club of people who pointed out the spelling and grammar gaffes made by other people. The editor Alden Wood had a column called The Typochondriac that first appeared in 1964.

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