n. A defeated incumbent politician.

Example Citations:
The Conservative Reader is doing a District Of The Day kinda thing on the hot Senate races. Here's two, both with Republican uncumbents — hey! That was a typo but it's a great new word to describe a defeated incumbent.
—John Deeth, "Legislative Links," John Deeth Blog, October 10, 2012

Jess Wagner, a Republican from the Phoenix area, said he's happy to call Sen. Russ Feingold the "uncumbent" after three terms in the U.S. Senate.
—Alyssa Newcomb, "GOP celebrants cheer demise of Feingold, top Democratic senator," Cronkite News, November 2, 2010

Earliest Citation:
The lesson was clear as Hernando's votes came in Tuesday night: pity the poor incumbent. Or maybe we should say the UNcumbent. Without exception, the incumbents are gone.
—Barbara L. Fredricksen, "Incumbents are the big losers in Hernando election," St. Petersburg Times, September 6, 1990


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