virtual manager
n. 1. A manager who directs employees from a remote location such as home or a central office. 2. A consultant or manager from another company who provides management expertise for a small business or startup.

Example Citation:
  1. "Mike Juby is a typical new-style homeworker. He lives and works from an old detached Victorian house in the Norfolk countryside. A virtual manager for Syncordia Solutions, he is responsible for a team of more than a hundred people dispersed around the UK."
    —Helen Wilkinson, "Homeworking: Get Out of the House More," The Independent, October 31, 1999

  2. "The sites that Biznet hosts are individual — they do not sit behind a Virgin address. However, subscribers do have access to the Biznet portal which offers a virtual management team to help with small business issues that might otherwise take up valuable time."
    —David Hewson, "Power to the people," Sunday Times, November 14, 1999

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