(VAWD.kas.ting) pp. Podcasting video content. Also: VODcasting.
vodcast v., n.
vodcaster n.

Example Citations:
University of Illinois at Springfield ... also is exploring enhanced podcasting and vodcasting, which incorporate more advanced audio-visual and video components. By next year, Cheney said, he expects to offer some type of vodcasting content to students.
—Daniel Pike, "Podcasting a new way to plant seeds of knowledge at UIS," The State Journal-Register (Springfield, IL), October 17, 2005

As consumers' access to bandwidth increases, podcasting becomes 'vodcasting', the video equivalent. The word hasn't been defined yet, but people are already creating such content.
—" Podcasting points towards a future of niche advertising ," New Media Age, April 21, 2005

Earliest Citation:
Podcasting and VODcasting, and their pending derivatives, are not fads. They are very real and very practical distri-bution technologies. The ability to time-shift content versus traditional broadcast distribution models expands stu-dent teaching and learning opportunities significantly.
—Peter Meng, "Podcasting and VODcasting: a white paper," University of Missouri, March 1, 2005

The variant form VODcasting is often used to highlight the video on demand — often abbreviated as VOD — nature of video podcasting. Some synonyms for vodcasting are videocasting and vcasting.

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