waitress mom
(WAY.tris mawm) n. A woman who is married, has children, works in a low-income job, and has little formal education.

Example Citation:
Forget the suburban, well-educated soccer moms of 1996. 'It's actually the waitress moms who will decide this election,' Democratic pollster Celinda Lake told a forum on women and turnout. These women like the Democrats' views on education, health care and Social Security, but polls show a majority of them are unlikely to vote.
—Jill Lawrence, "Voters in some states can begin making their choices known today," USA Today, October 14, 1998

Earliest Citation:
"There are more than twice as many Waitress Moms as Soccer Moms," said Ms. Lake, referring to blue-collar working women without college educations supporting children. "Right now they are voting Democratic, but many of them are undecided. . . . If you want to know the truth, it is now the Waitress Moms who are critical."
—Neil MacFarquhar, "What's a Soccer Mom Anyway?," The New York Times, October 20, 1996

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