n. The technology of yesteryear. Also: yester-tech.

Example Citation:
As a motor car, this latest Rolls-Royce is a triumph of adaptation and modern methods overlaid on a solid platform of yestertech.
—Phil Scott, "Rolls-Royce maystique," Sydney Morning Herald, October 18, 1995

Earliest Citation:
In any case, Frank, the whole thing's brilliant. This old dog appreciates a new trick now and then, no matter what they say. I do get a little nostalgic for all that yestertech now and then. You know the stuff I mean: those old clunkers that you don't have to plug in, the ones that give you a print-out on a piece of paper exactly as you hit the keys.
—Craig Vetter, "Technorookie," Playboy, June 1, 1987

This word is normally used in a positive sense to describe older technologies that had fewer bells and whistles, and so weren't as complex, as the technologies of today.

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