(ZIP.ur.hed) n. A stupid person, or a person who has a closed mind. Also: zipper-head, zipper head.

Example Citation:
"Most of the people use their boats and Waverunners properly, but then we have those we call zipperheads," said Sgt. Jim Cowan of the marine division. "These are otherwise intelligent people who when they get on the water, they unzip their heads, take out their brains and then go out on the lake with their Jet Skis."
—Jim Tittsworth, "Jet skiing may be a gas, but don't forget to check your gauge," The Detroit News, June 2, 1998

Earliest Citation:
Traffic is a nuisance, said Steve Sloan, 27, and the rowdy fans cause problems. "You have a bunch of zipperheads who don't know where they are going," he said.
—Mary Tabor, "Foxborough officials laud windfall from Rolling Stones," The Boston Globe, September 28, 1989


To keep competition from those stores, as well as from his own, to a minimum, Millan has developed strong identities for his each of his stores. Zipperhead, which he describes as "young, fresh and crazy," features flourescent pink walls, neon lighting and giant zippers throughout.
—Barbara Krupnicki, "Specialty stores and boutiques zoom in on new-old strategies," Daily News Record, February 19, 1985

There's a store in Philadelphia called Zipperhead that sells punk and rock and roll clothing and merchandise (motto: "Where punk is prince but quality is king!"). It was established in 1980, so it qualifies as the earliest use of the word so far. Thanks to Frederic Bush for telling me about this store.

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