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Data Divination

Data DivinationYou’ve probably heard of big data, but do you know about all the other datas? To wit:

  • cold data
  • cubed data
  • dark data
  • dirty data
  • fast data
  • hot data
  • live data
  • long data
  • medium data
  • responsible data
  • small data
  • target-rich data
  • thick data
  • transient data
  • slow data

I talk about these and other flavors of data in my latest column for IEEE Spectrum. Check out the column online here.

Behold the Cloud of Clouds: The Intercloud

Behold the Cloud of Clouds: The IntercloudCloud computing is notoriously hard to define, but that hasn’t stopped most of the developed (and a sizeable chunk of the developing) world from embracing cloud tools for storing, sharing, streaming, and synchronizing data. Cloud engineers and programmers have been hard at work coming up with new cloud technologies and systems, and they’ve given them names such as fog computing and human cloud, to name just two that I’ve featured here on Word Spy. There are many others — dew computing, cloudlet, ad-hoc cloud, follow-me cloud — and I highlight them in my latest column for IEEE Spectrum.

Check out the column online here.

The Internet of Things Is Full of Motes, Domotics, and BANs

The cyberattacks that brought big chunks of the Internet to its knees last Friday were mostly created through the hijacking of insecure cameras and other devices that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Coincidentally, my most recent column for IEEE Spectrum looks at the new words and phrases that are part of the IoT revolution.

Check out the column online here.

Fending Off the Tyranny of Tools

Over at IEEE Spectrum, I look at how we’ve gone from being master tool-users to users who have been mastered by their tools. Goodbye embodied cognition, hello death by smartphone; so long thinking hand, welcome automation complacency. The devices are winning and the results are skill fade, information underload, and not burnout but boreout.

For these and many other terms relating to the tyranny of our tools, check out the column online here.

Launch Day for Technically Speaking

After 14 years and nearly 90 columns, my book Technically Speaking: What new words and phrases tell us about technology and our increasingly connected lives, is now available in both print and PDF formats (plus a handy print+PDF bundle).There wasn’t much blood, hardly any sweat, and not a single tear, but putting together this book still took a ton of hard work and time. Its was all worth it because the book looks great. I’m proud to offer it to the world, and I hope you’ll take a minute or two out of your busy day to take a look. And, hey, if you like what you see, perhaps you’ll want a copy for your own. Just sayin’!

First Look: Technically Speaking

Technically Speaking launches a week today! Until now it has all seemed more than a little abstract, what with the research, writing, editing, and design of the book all taking place in one electronic format or another. But now bits have magically morphed into atoms because the first samples of the book have arrived from the printer!

The first copies of Technically Speaking have arrived!

The first copies of Technically Speaking have arrived!