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Welcome to Word Spy Monday for June 20, 2016. I hope you enjoy these new words, links, and other splendiferous offerings.

Words Spied

ego movement n. The modern trend towards self-display and self-aggrandisement, particularly on social media. [The Globe and MailHat tip to KH for spying this one.

khuligan n. A Russian soccer hooligan. [Foreign Policy (subscription required)]

leapfrogging pp. In a developing country, implementing policies or technologies that enable the country to bypass problems previously encountered in developed nations. [World Economic Forum]

omni-channel adj. Selling goods or services through every available sales channel, particularly offline, online, and mobile. [Tulsa World]

Roald Dahl-ism n. A word or phrase coined by the novelist Roald Dahl. [Twitter]

Roald Dahl-ism: splendiferous

RUD n. The destruction of an object when it accidentally explodes. (From the phrase rapid unscheduled disassembly.) [The Washington Post]

yaysayer n. A person who is generally inclined to agree or to act in a positive manner. (cf. naysayer) [24 Hours Toronto]

Word of the Week

trickle-down racism n. Racism caused by emulating, learning from, or following the example set by a leader.

“I don’t want to see a president of the United State saying things which change the character of the generations of Americans that are following,” Romney said. “Presidents have an impact on the nature of our nation, and trickle down racism and trickle down bigotry and trickle down misogyny — all of these things are extraordinarily dangerous to the heart and character of America.”
—Mitt Romney, quoted in Ali Breland, "Romney: Trump will cause 'trickle-down racism'," Politico, June 10, 2016

Cruft* of the Week

geobusted n. The state of having had one’s location revealed inadvertently, particularly by an app or similar electronic means. [Twitter]

"Poorly built, possibly over-complex; generally unpleasant" —The Jargon File.

Quick Links

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“There is an obvious need for linguistic renewal and innovation to keep pace with technological and social change and reflecting new influences such as immigration by outside linguistic groups. Within exclusive minority communities, such as street gang members, music genre aficionados and fashionistas, there is also a desire for novelty, originality and authenticity.”
Jasmin Ojalainen