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Welcome to the Monday edition of Word Spy for June 13, 2016. Here are the neologisms and neologically-inclined articles I spied last week:
Words Spied
aeroese n. The language used by pilots and others in the aviation industry. [Aeon]

coffee-house macro n. Macroeconomics practice that consists mostly of referencing the theories of great economists of the past. [Bloomberg News]

FOBED n. Reluctance to post something controversial online for fear of being attacked by those who disagree. (From the phrase Fear of Being Eviscerated Digitally) [What Is Paul Thinking?]

serendipitydoodah interjection A cry of exultation upon making a happy discovery. [Twitter]

wind confusion n. Engineering and architectural techniques that prevent high winds from exerting excessive force on a tall building. [The New York Times]

Word of the Week
magic nutritionism n. Non-scientific nutrition advice and practices.

Over the last seven days, a roster of myth-busting nutrition studies were published showing probiotics are unnecessary, GMOs are harmless, and a gluten-free diet is a terrible idea unless you really need to be on it. Basically the only diet fad wisdom that survived this week is the idea that kale is a superfood (and, actually, it kind of is).

“It’s always nice to see studies that are skeptical of magic nutritionism,” said Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, an Ottawa-based physician and professor who has a blog on nutrition and diet.
—Kaleigh Rogers, “Probiotics Are Useless, GMOs Are Fine, and Gluten Is Necessary,” Motherboard, May 19, 2016

Cruft* of the Week

ambiguphobia n. The fear of dealing with things that are open-ended or subject to interpretation. (ambiguous + phobia) [Inc.]

“Poorly built, possibly over-complex; generally unpleasant” —The Jargon File.

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“My story’s always been I’m in my 60s, slang’s in its teens, I will eventually be in my 70s, and maybe even my 80s, but slang will always be in its teens. The gap between me and slang gets bigger all the time.”
—Jonathon Green, a.k.a. “Mr. Slang“, who, without even a hint of FOBED, will be releasing Green’s Online Slang Dictionary this summer. Watch this space for details.