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Word Spy Press Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first edition of the Word Spy Press newsletter! Here you'll find a collection of links, images, puzzles, and quotations that will (I hope!) appeal to people who love words. That is, to people like you. Thanks for subscribing and please let me know what you think of the newsletter.

Links for People Who Love Words

Over on Mental Floss, Angela Tung offers 13 Regional Insults to Offend People Across the U.S. Sign me up for some Virgina caviar.

Inc. presents 26 Emotionally Intelligent Words From Around the World You Really Need to Know (subscription required). "Need" is too strong here, but it's an entertaining collection.

The Telegraph reports that Cryptic crossword solvers aren't interested in words and are usually scientists. The headline is misleading, but the research is interesting.

Speaking of cryptics, the crossword puzzle constructor David Astle is getting an apprentice.

Ever wondered which words are the most misspelled in each state? I didn't think so, but Business Insider has it covered anyway.

Spelling mistakes by state

BBC Future has an interesting look at the two word games that trick almost everyone.

I've got some word puzzles below, but if you're looking for more, Merriam-Webster can help.

Images for People Who Love Words

Peep (singular)
The rarely seen singular "peep." Photo: Paul McFedries

Puzzles for People Who Love Words


For this puzzle, your task is to find the seven-letter word that can be formed by taking four unique letters from the word PECKING and adding them to the word NET: two letters to the left and two letters to the right.


I'll provide the answer next week.

Word Smile

Your goal here is to create as many words as you can from the letters shown below. Each word must be at least five letters long and it must include the top letter (H). You can reuse letters as often as needed. Score one point for each word. Add a bonus point if the word uses all seven letters. Add another bonus point for each word that is eight letters or longer.

Word Smile Letters

Smile Rating — 10 pts: Smirking; 15 pts: Grinning; 20 pts: Beaming.

A perfect score is 40 points. I'll post the full solution next week.

Books for People Who Love Words

As the release date of Quote, Words, Unquote approaches, don't forget that you can pre-order the book at a special price. Word Spy Press is also offering special pre-order pricing for The Word Spy Guide to Bad Behavior.

Technically Speaking

Available now!

Quote, Words, Unquote

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The Word Spy Guide to Bad Behavior

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Words for People Who Love Words

“There is a disease which consists in loving words too much. Logophilia first manifests itself in childhood and is, alas, incurable.”
—Peter Ackroyd, English biographer, critic, and novelist

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