100-foot diet
n. A diet that consists mostly or exclusively of food grown in one's garden.
Also Seen As
Customers may even choose to purchase free range chicken meat direct from the farm for their dinner menu, along with the vegetables they may collect from the farm garden, in what can only be described as a 100-foot diet!
—Catherine Frechette, “Fall RV Vacations in Kelowna,” Ripe with Surprises, September 19, 2011
Green Man 365 is a new daily blog about my year of local eating. The challenge: to eat something that I grew myself each and every day for one year….

At first I thought of calling it the 100-foot diet, but Green Man 365 is more retro-futuristic and much more my style.
—Randy Shore, “Green Man 365: A new blog for garden and kitchen voyeurs,” The Vancouver Sun, September 30, 2010
2007 (earliest)
Dr John Vella['s]…Home Mini Gardens are sold as one way of growing your food as local as possible—in your own back yard, or on your balcony.
—Warren McLaren, “Dr John's Mini Gardens — The 100 Foot Diet?,” TreeHugger, April 12, 2007