n. The year 2001.
Also Seen As
Minimal effort, maximum fun: This is likely to be our mantra for 2K1, a year shaping up to be a tad tougher than the last few IPO-fueled gambols.
—Michael Saunders, “Go! Wednesday,” The Boston Globe, December 27, 2000
But we might stay with Y2K, so familiar to us now that everybody has quit putting quotation marks around it. Probably 2000 will become simply 2K, and successive years will be 2K1, 2K2, and so on through 2K99, and eventually to 3K, and all the way to forever.
—Leon Hale, “All for naught in the year 2000,” The Houston Chronicle, October 05, 1999
1992 (earliest)
The ohs.

That's the nominee that garnered the most support last weekend among readers who voted by telephone on their favorite name for the next decade - the years 2000 through 2009.

In addition to Wright's "whew" came these suggestions from the mail:

- The 2K's or 2K, from Monica Cowie of Orlando, Paul G. Caruana of Christmas and Victoria McNichol of Altamonte Springs, a student at Lake Brantley High School. "2K1 (2001)."
—Mick Lochridge, “Readers cast votes: The o's grab top spot in 'Name-the-Decade' contest,” Orlando Sentinel, August 08, 1992
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